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Information and application guidelines

Section 1 - Overview


1. The Unleash The Roar! (UTR!) scholarships seek to improve and prevent leakage from the local football talent pool by providing support to keep football talent in the sport for as long as possible, whilst providing the best possible conditions for talent to excel and develop themselves at their respective levels.

2. The UTR! ASCEND Scholarship seeks to ensure that talented footballers are given every opportunity to continue pursuing their football dreams and to drive key behaviours in them that will aid their development.

Scholarship Tenure

3. The UTR! ASCEND Scholarship awarded is valid until the end of the academic year, subject to the satisfactory meeting of expectations spelled out below.

Scholarship Award

4. The UTR! ASCEND Scholarship will provide the following:


5. Allowances will be provided in the form of transport credits and vouchers.

Expectations of scholars

6. Successful candidates who have been awarded the UTR! ASCEND Scholarship are expected to continue training in their respective high performance football programme, with exemplary attendance records. Scholars are also expected to maintain their disciplinary and academic record.

7. In the event of changes to any of the factors impacting eligibility of scholarship, UTR! may withdraw/suspend/terminate the scholarship and reserves the right to recover funds where necessary.

Section 2 – Eligibility and Financial Information

Eligibility Criteria

8. The UTR! ASCEND Scholarship is open to all applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Residents

  • Studying full-time in MOE schools (Primary, Secondar, Junior College, MI, Polytechnics and ITE)

  • Taking football as a Co-Curricular Activity, or enrolled in a High Performance Football Programme

  • Meet the stated financial income qualification guidelines stated in paragraph 10 below.


High Performance Football Programme

9. Examples of High Performance Football Programmes include:

  • School Football Academies

  • ActiveSG Football Academy (AFA) Development Centres

  • Singapore Premier League Clubs Centres of Excellence (COE) or Youth Academies

The list above is non-exhaustive, and all applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Financial Income Qualifications

10. The table below contains the guidelines for financial income qualification. Applicants must fulfil either criteria.


Household Members

11. Household members include the student, his/her parents, and his/her unmarried siblings, regardless of the address

12. Grandparents and other depandants living at the same address may be included on a case-by-case basis. They include:

  1. Relatives who are old or sick and are unemployed and dependant on the family; and

  2. Child dependants (where the family is the legal guardian).

Gross Household Income

13. Gross Household Income is the total combined income of all family members in the same household, as defined in paragraphs 11 and 12 above. Household income includes and regular allowances (eg. Overtime, transport, laundry, etc) and employee’s CPF contribution. Income from other sources (eg. Pension and rental income) must also be included when calculating the family’s gross household income.

14. The following sources of income will not be considered in the computation:

  1. National Service allowance earned by National Servicemen;

  2. Severance compensation and insurance payouts; and

  3. Alimony payment (including lump sum payment) received for the maintenance of children and/or ex-spouse.

15. If an income earner is on no-pay leave as at the date of the application, and the total period of his/her no-pay leave is 6 months or less; then his/her last drawn income will be included when calculating the family’s gross household income.


16. For students who are staying with one or more legal guardians, the income of the legal guardians and their spouse who are staying in the same household will be included.


Section 3 – Assessment


Assessment Criteria

17. Eligible applicants will be assessed based on:

  • Football ability

  • Disciplinary record and attitude

  • Academic Record

Applicants may be invited for an interview, or football trials for closer assessment, if necessary.


18. Please note that all decisions are final, and UTR! reserves the right not to disclose any reasons for approving, or rejecting, any application. Incomplete or late applications may be rejected.


Section 4 – Application Guidelines


Application Windows

19. The main application window periods can be found in the table below. Specific dates will be announced closer to each application window.










20. Please note that applicants who qualify for all eligibility conditions during the school year, outside of the application window above, are welcome to apply as well. Each application will be assessed on its own, and the award period may vary as a result.


Mode of application

21. All submissions must be submitted through the below link. Please prepare in softcopy the list of documents found in paragraph 22.

Alternatively, you may scan the QR code below to access the form.


Documents to Submit

22. Upon submission of the application form at, please also email all necessary documents below to <<INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS>>. Applications are considered incomplete until all the necessary documents have been received.

  • CPF Transaction Statement or Contribution History for past 12 months.


  • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment for household members with other sources of income and self-employed household member.

    1. If the self-employed household member is not required to pay tax or the latest tax assessment does not reflect his or her current income status, the member is to complete an additional declaration at Section A of Annex I.

    2. If the household member is not required to pay tax, the member can provide the page from IRAS’s myTaxportal > notices/letters > individual, to show that he/she has no Tax Notice of Assessment.


  • Latest payslip or a letter from the employer certifying gross monthly income (applicable only for employed household member(s)).


  • Proof of other sources of income (e.g. rental, pension, etc), if applicable.


  • Declaration of unemployment (if applicable).

    1. For household members who are unemployed and below age 62 and are not undertaking full-time studies or undergoing full-time National Service – to complete declaration form.


          Please click the link above to download a copy of the declaration form.

  • Student/Matriculation card for full-time student at tertiary institutions (e.g. ITE, Polytechnics, Universities, private schools) / Identification card for full-time National Servicemen (if applicable).


  • Copies of NRIC of household members, other than parents and unmarried siblings of the child. If there are other dependent children without NRIC, please submit copies of legal documents to show that they are staying in the same address.


  • Where applicable, documents showing proof of legal guardianship (e.g. a court order or Letters of Probate or Administration), for the purposes of Section 4 of the application form. (To be uploaded in the form)


  • Any other documents as and when required for the purpose of verifying the income.

  • Reference letter from your child’s football programme. This can be from the coach, or one of the teachers-in-charge.

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