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12th Man

The Many Hidden Hands Supporting Singapore Football

We see the players. We hear the fans. But we may not see the people working hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is in place.  Get to know our 12th man – the personalities who have been supporting Singapore football.


Team Nila joins SingaBrigade to Unleash The Roar! for the Lions

When Singapore took on Guam in a Fifa World Cup qualifier on October 12, the 2-1 victory was secured largely in part to the Lions on the...


Fan-made with Love

'It's a duty': Fuelled by passion, fans create websites, podcasts, Instagram content about Singapore football Launched in 2020, The Final...


Home Advantage

In Singapore where academic excellence is often emphasised, some parents stand out for going all out to support their children’s football...


Uncle Goh

This 70-year-old uncle will make you fall in love with football A man of many talents, Uncle Goh can also entertain with songs from...

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