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Take a sneak peek inside Kallang Football Hub’s next-gen football gym

The work a footballer does off the pitch is often as important as the work he or she does on it. 

With that in mind, the Unleash The Roar! national football project has unveiled an ultra-modern, next-gen gym catered specifically to the needs of the modern-day footballer.

The newly-opened Kallang Football Hub is not only unique for its seven pitches, which includes a full-sized natural-grass pitch and three artificial FIFA Quality Pro Mark turf fields, but also a high-performance football-centric gym that integrates the latest technology and sport science.

A new standard in strength and conditioning

Through deliberate design, the usage of the 250 sqm space has been maximised to fit in cutting-edge strength and conditioning equipment that aims to assess and train specific football target areas. 

Said Dr Frankie Tan, Principal Sport Physiologist at SportSG/UTR!: “The priority is to take a proactive approach and implement individualised programmes to build up our players from young. This can help to minimise injury risk and optimise their physical potential.”

There are five comprehensive zones in the gym, each offering a tailored approach to enhancing different aspects of physical development, from strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness to prehabilitation and rehabilitation training.

Walkthrough of the 5 zones

The new 250 sqm Kallang Football Hub gym is designed for national footballers. Created with high-performance turf surface and built-in cushioning, the Athletic Movement Zone enhances the football-centricity of the gym and allows athletes to carry out various drills.

As athletes enter the air-conditioned gym, they will be greeted by innovative testing equipment used to take stock of their current performance, monitor progress, and assess risks. Said Dr Tan: “A selection of tests can be used to ensure that players are well for regular training and competition preparation.”

1) Monitoring and Testing Zone

Sport Scientist, Marcus Lee, demonstrates a counter-movement jump on the ForceDecks for NDC U15 player, Seri Nurinsyirah, to measure lower-body power.

The Monitoring and Testing Zone offers several tracking technologies that provide instantaneous feedback. The easy-to-use ForceDecks are essentially dual-force plate systems to assess strength, power, and asymmetry.

“We can use it for single- or double-leg counter-movement jumps, squat jumps, drop jumps etc.,” shared Marcus Lee, Sport Scientist at UTR!.

There is also a comprehensive system, ForceFrame, for isometric testing and training across every major joint in the body. Common measurements that are important for footballing requirements include the hip abductor and adductor strength. Lastly, the gold standard in hamstring testing, NordBord, allows for the assessment of hamstring strength isometrically in various positions/angles and also eccentrically through the full range of motion.

“As sport scientists, we look at data to determine and personalise our programmes. Monitoring growth and performance can keep us on track,” said Sufian Yusof, Sport Scientist at UTR!. “We use a needs-analysis approach for every player to optimise training and prepare them for the demands of the game.”

2) Athletic Movement Zone

3) Conditioning and Rehabilitation Zone

4) Strength and Power Zone

5) Cardio Zone

What our youth players have to say

Said left-winger Rauf Anaqi from the Under-16 NDC: “At other gyms, I can only train for strength, but not so much agility. The football-specific equipment here is very advanced and provides better support for me,” he shared, citing the Technogym Skillrun as his favourite equipment for its Parachute Training feature.

Echoed Seri Nurinsyirah from the Under-15 League: “The Parachute (Training) is fun!”

Noting how it can help her to improve her speed performance, Seri described being “excited to try different things at the new gym, as it has better equipment and facilities all combined in one space.” Having started her football journey at nine years old, Seri, who trains every day, is gunning for an overseas football scholarship and hopes to play at the national level one day.

Seri Nurinsyirah enjoys the adrenaline rush from the Parachute Training mode on the Technogym Skillrun treadmill, while securely held by the ergonomic adjustable belt.

Leading new, innovative ways in football

The Kallang Football Hub aims to uplift the national football spirit through a combination of sport science-led programmes and a host of specialised equipment and facilities. Watch this video from Channel News Asia to find out more.

“We train with a plan and purpose in mind,” shared Sufian. “What do we want to change? What can we do to achieve them?” These are the questions that the team is committed to finding solutions for.

Said Dr Tan: “Ultimately, we need good programming and great discipline to train to be the best that we can be. While we still have a long way to go, these are steps in the right direction to getting our youth athletes in the best shape and condition as they train.”

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