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NDC U-14 team gained valuable experience during Spain training tour

The National Development Centre (NDC) Under-14 team recently spent an enriching two weeks in Spain from 4 to 18 November. The squad of 22 boys gained valuable training and match experience facing off against academy teams from Atletico Madrid, Leganes, Rayo Vallecano, and Getafe, while training at the ESC LaLiga & NBA Centre in Madrid.

The NDC U-14 boys had the opportunity to take on youth teams from some of Spain's top academies during their stay at ESC LaLiga. Photo by Ng Chrong Meng.

The trip was also an opportunity for our coaches to gain insights from their Spanish counterparts, learning how things are done in some of the best academies in Spain.

Javier Gainza Rojas, head coach of NDC U-14, said that the boys benefited from the trip and saw improvements in the boys' tactical and match awareness. Photo by Ng Chrong Meng.

Here's what our head coach of the team Javier Gainza Rojas had to say about the two-week stint: "The players have improved tactically and mentally, displaying better communication skills during matches. They have shown resilience against tough opponents, bouncing back during games. I believe that this experience has broadened the players' horizons, fueling their motivation to become better footballers."

The boys were glad to have a chance to play against the U14 Atletic Madrid youth team and learn from each other. Photo by Ng Chrong Meng.

Through collaborative learning, our coaches and staff reinforced their knowledge of Game Model, guided by the expertise of LaLiga coaches. Photo by Ng Chrong Meng.

Beyond field training, our boys delved into the rich history and passion of Atletico de Madrid Club at their stadium and visited the Territorio Atlei museum. Photo by Ng Chrong Meng.

Check out the highlights video for a taste of what the team experienced in Spain.

Videographed by Ng Chrong Meng

Video edited by Creativesatwork

Story by: Seng Yew Xuan

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